Two Track Malting



Located in the heart of barley country in North Dakota, Two Track Malting grows a variety of grains on their 6th generation family farm and produces small batch craft malt with state-of-the-art equipment. When they came to use for a new logo, we immersed ourselves in their culture to understand their “field to pint” ethos and their vision for showing consumers both their rural roots and their focus on modern crafting.  We created a logo for them that features the dirt tracks of their old farm road that holds its own among the growing craft-beer industry. We used that logo to design promotional coasters, informational brochures, and even the malt bags that are used on their production floor.

We also built their website from scratch using their family farm as inspiration. With their gorgeous field photos as the forefront, we created a visually stunning site that draws in craft-brewers who care about where their ingredients come from.